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      Established in 1955, RIEL has taken on many projects other engineering firms deemed impossible.  From simple machines to large production lines, RIEL handles complex mechanics, computer controlled servo,-- or process systems equally well.


        Richmond Chemical manufactures and sells all types of industrial chemical products including:  cleaners, protectants, lubricants, dyes, scents, flavorings, and more!  If you use Chemical products in your industry, check here for superior products and lower prices.

  Dixie Demolition Co.

        Demolition, Building erection, Environmental cleanup, Clean outs, Millwright work, Light construction, and Landscaping.

  Southern Surplus Machinery Supply

        The name says it all.  Industrial mechanical surplus, new and used. You can save BIG $$$$...., always check with us before you buy new!

  AAA Automation Distributors

    .... Discount Electrical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Componentry

Wiring, Electronics, Contactors, Starters, AC/DC Drives, Conduit, Buss Duct, Motors, Sensors, Servos and Servo Drives, Stepper Motors and Stepper Drives, Disconnects, Circuit Breakers, Electrical Cabinets, Indicator Lamps, Gauges, Readouts, Hydraulic pumps, Hydraulic Valves, Air Pumps, Valves, Dedicated Controllers, fittings and much much more....

  The Auto Pool

        Check here for bargains on used cars, trucks, parts, and equipment -- collectible and hard-to-find items also.

Oriental Rug Brokers Inc.

        Oriental and Domestic.-- whether only one welcome mat, --oriental carpets to outfit a home,-- or a wholesale truckload, Richmond has the best prices and selection anywhere.  Check with  them BEFORE you spend hard-earned dollars!  Retail or wholesale,-- you WILL save money on quality merchandise.

Advanced Biorganics Corporation.

        Manufacturers of biological and organic, natural plant / animal products, and phytochemical extracts, they specialize in the rare and unusual.  If you use capsicum, melitonin, etc..., in your products, call ABC.

Textile Printing Corporation

        Contract textile printing, die and water-jet cutting. TPC cuts and prints cloth, carpet, vinyl, wood, steel, and many other materials.  TPC also maintains a well equipped design studio with capable artists.


        GbD does just about any type of artwork you are ever likely to need!-- Including, but not limited to:  web page design and publishing, outdoor advertising designs and printing, textile designs and printing, company logos, catalog and book illustrations, technical illustrations, and more.


        METRO has been building sound systems large and small for over twenty years; they are experts at room acoustics and can build custom speaker enclosures, horns, and drivers if necessary. METRO has done every kind of installation from home theater to major outdoor concert applications. They have the expertise to help you achieve the kind of sound, volume, and projection that you want!


Design and production of practical vehicle modifications, add-ons, and new vehicle designs.  Come on in,--

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